Tuesday, January 5, 2010


Virgin Shirley Temples

There is nothing more soothing and refreshing than one of my mom’s homemade Shirley Temples. I love coming home to an over-sized plastic wine glass of her delicious twist on this classic drink. I can never get enough.

My mom got the unique recipe from her own mother, who used to make them for my mom when she, herself, was a little girl. It’s remarkable to me, to imagine my mom as a little girl, in the kitchen with a younger version of my grandma, laughing and telling stories, and sharing the exact drink that I now enjoy with her!

In a lot of ways, my mom’s Shirley Temples reflect her personality: cool, sweet, refreshing, energetic, soothing, and a little fruity. I love watching my mom make food. She can often be found gliding around in our beige and white kitchen, humming a peaceful tune, chopping something there, spicing something here. She seems so at ease and happy, especially when she is making her famous Shirley Temples.

My sister and I have also carried out this traditional drink in our own ways, since we love it so much. Every time we fly on a plane, and they ask us what we would like to drink, we ask for a can of Sprite Lemon Lime soda, and a glass of orange juice. We then proceed to drink half of the orange juice from the cup, and fill it back up the rest of the way with the Sprite. Although it cannot compare to the homemade, unique recipe we get at home, we like it just the same.

I love my mom, and I love her Shirley Temples. I love the memories we have shared together over this special drink. Someday I will make Shirley Temples for my children, and we will laugh and tell stories and drink Shirley Temples in our own kitchen.
1 cup orange juice
1 cup soda
1 tsp grenadine
1 tsp coconut milk

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