Thursday, January 21, 2010


Icebox Cake

 16 oz. pkg. graham crackers
 2 (3.5 oz.) pkgs. Instant vanilla pudding mix
 3 cups whole milk
 8 oz. Contained frozen whipped topping, thawed
 16 oz. Container chocolate frosting

Icebox cake is a dessert that my grandma Gipson is most famous for. When you take a bite of this cake, it's like heaven. You can taste the richness of the chocolate, the cinnamon in the graham cracker, and the heavy whip cream all at once! The piece of heaven is served in squares.
My grandma Gipson is a hard working woman. She and my grandfather wer married for a long time, and everybody missed him very much when he passed away. Since my grandpa died, she has continued to experience the world and have fun. This is the sweetest woman on the earth. When I need help, she will be over in two seconds to help me. I love her to death!
My grandma cooks this cake on holidays or birthdays. My grandma always ask me every year what I want for my birthday. I always say a little heaven in square form. Then every Thanksgiving everybody fights over the last piece of cake.
The one thing that makes this cake so amazing is that it brings my family together around the table. I see my uncle that I don’t see everyday and see how he is doing. My cousin, Travis, comes home from Kansas City to spend time with the family. This cake works miracles of bringing families together.

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