Tuesday, January 12, 2010


I am an employee in a restaurant, and I am in charge of the menus. One recipe that I have in there is this pink fluff delight. My mom used to make it because it was a delightful dessert, but is sugar-free.
The name of it is Pink Delight. The recipe includes marshmallows, whip cream, cherry filling, cream cheese, lemon juice, and jello. There really is no specific way of making the dish. You just mix them together.
This dish makes me feel bright and happy. It’s a bright colored dish and it makes me feel bubbly. It makes you feel even better when you eat it. In my opinion, I think it’s so good that I sometimes can’t stop eating it. The texture is soft and a fluffy feeling.
The dish goes over very well especially for diabetic people. The dish is always recommended to our customers, and it’s our best selling dessert on our menu. I do have customers who ask for the recipe, but it’s one of our specialties.
If the dish was supposed to be for a season, I would choose Christmas. I would choose this season because of the colors, they just mix. Plus it seems like the Christmas type because of the way it makes you feel.

2 containers of whip cream

½ a bag of shredded cheese

1 bag of small marshmallows

2 boxes of lemon jello

1 can of cherry pie filling

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