Tuesday, January 5, 2010


Grandpa's Ham

One person I want to honor is my grandpa. He has done a lot for me. One thing he did happened when our mom and dad weregone. We spent the night over there. I had fun because Grandpa was smart.

The food was hog, and grandpa raised them and butchered them. He put a salt cure on the hog when he cut it up, and the texture was soft. There was no smell, and the meat was pink.

When he cooked the ham, it smelled good, and the taste was good, too. I couldn't stop eating it. They fixed that any time they had a hog to butcher.

When Bacon was in the skillet, he would put salt and pepper on it. I wish my dad would fix the bacon by hand. I would help him because it is the best suff ever.

I want to have my dad do it because my grandpa died, and so he can’t make it any more. I am kind of upset. My grandpa meant a lot to me, and the taste of this ham/bacon will always make me remember good times with him.

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Put cast-iron skillet over medium heat and let warm up. Really let it get hot, because we are going to crank the heat down the second that first piece of bacon hits the metal.

Add a bit of oil to the skillet to make sure the first slices don't stick. Sprinkle a bit of salt and pepper on the slices of bacon, and place about 5 slices to the skillet and crank the heat down to medium-low.

Flip every couple of minutes. I'm a big flipper fan. I prefer to flip often so the bacon doesn't burn. If the heat is too high, turn down slightly. Keep flipping until the bacon is done all the way through, and dark brown on both sides. This kind of quality comes with years of perfecting the bacon-cooking procedure. But my general goal for the bacon is to get it slightly chewy and almost crisp with no raw ends.

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