Tuesday, January 5, 2010


My Grandma’s Enchiladas

My grandma makes a special meal. This meal may not be unique to anyone not family, but it is very important to me because she makes them special. When she asks what we want for our dinner, we always say enchiladas.

My grandma is a short, wrinkled woman, with black hair and big brown eyes, and she also wears glasses. She is a very hard working woman, and although she can be hostile sometimes, she has the biggest heart and is the most giving woman I know today, not counting my mom. She has three jobs, Macon Health Care where she works in dietary, the Britt’s, and my Uncle Jesse where she cleans and is her boss.

My grandma makes the enchiladas so special every time. The have a taste that I never want to end in my mouth, because it’s so good, it pretty much melts in my mouth. I can always smell cheese when I walk in the house. Before she gets the enchiladas in the oven, we can smell the chicken and tomato juice. It is fantastic! The texture in my mouth is a smooth texture so that it can go right down, so I can shovel more in. When she first takes it out of the oven, it looks wonderful because the cheese is really melted. It looks so great and then I see the steam rolling off. Then the dish has the red tomato sauce and the yellow mixed together, and it looks so good that one can’t even imagine it.

When my grandma prepares the enchiladas by getting up early, depending on the time of the dinner, and then she starts the chicken on the stove. Then when she is cooking it you have the smell of cheese and tomato juice cooking. Then she usually has rice and cheesy beans.

When she is cooking it she gets the chicken cooking on the stove and once it is done with that she takes the chicken and splits it up into tiny bite size pieces. Then she takes the tortillas and fries them so that they have a shell like texture and after they are fried and have cooled she takes them and puts chicken in them and dumps cheese on it and with the extra tomato juice she goes and pours it on there!
corn tortilas
enchilada sauce medium/mild (whatever you can take)

*ok so you put the chicken on the oven, tell cooked
*you then let it cool peel off skin and fat
*after that is prepared you start the sauce on heating (medium heat)
*after it is ready you take the corn tortilas and fry them just to were they are golder, if they are dark then you cooked them to long
*then you take them dip them in sauce and drip them off just a bit to were it isn't pooring off of there.
*then you lay chicken on there and put cheese
roll it up
*once you have repeatead this for all of the tortillas then you will lay them all on a cooking sheet and pour the rest of hte sauce on them
*when that is done put it in the oven at 350 for 15-10 minutes then you will take them out and put cheese on them and let them cook tell cheese is melted then you are done.


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